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Do I Need... Questons and Answers

Do I Need...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

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Do I need nqt to teach in australia
Do I need internet for vnc
Do I need dryer sheets
Do I need a yeast starter with wyeast
Do I need small business insurance
Do I need uninsured motorist property damage
Do I need air duct cleaning
Do I need hdmi cable for xbox 360
Do I need an nhs card abroad
Do I need vaccinations for koh samui
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Do I need crutches quiz May 2nd 2018 04:02
Do you think I need crutches?
I have had a small calf pain in my leg about a week beforehand, but after a lacrosse game yesterday where I was slashed extremely hard in my calf and collapsed, I can now no longer walk, unless hoping on my good leg with a cane, and any sudden turn or bend in my leg whilst laying down is intense pain, I tried to suck it up, but it’s horrible, going to try and look into crutches.
Do I need crutches March 30th 2018 03:37
Do I need crutches
I might need crutches but I'm not sure anyway what happens is I was walking and I tripped and now when I walk on my toes it hurts my foot and when I walk normal it hurts my leg down
Do I need crutches December 12th 2017 23:29
do i need crutches
I was doing a roundoff backhandspring and I fell on my bone its swollen and hurts to walk on... do i need crutches ??
Do I need crutches for my ankle and knee June 25th 2017 17:04
I hurt myself Soo much that I can't put any weight on my own stupid legs anymore. Somebody please tell me what to do with my life right about now and I'm feeling so helpless right now because I don't know what to do with myself but I know that it's hard to get treatment for me but it is really that bad because they get so numb and itchy that I can't even move them so much please teach me what to do with my legs so I can prolong the use of my legs for a Lifetime
Do I need cruches December 13th 2016 03:08
Do I need crutches
I have a sprained foot.
Do I need braces quiz December 5th 2016 13:52
You proaboly should get braces
Do I need pneumonia vaccine November 23rd 2016 02:36
spina bifida
I am 40 years old. I have spina bifida. I have never been offered the flu/pneumonia vaccine but my mother has read I should have it. I don't feel I need it.
Do I need crutches for a sprained ankle October 8th 2016 04:19
Do I need them!?
Back in July my horse slipped and fell in me, for about 1h I didn't feel the pain until I settled and the pain shot. I went to the hospital they didn't do anything when pain level was 10. Today ( October 7) I was playing volleyball and my ankle Twisted the pain is 30x worse! Please comment and let me know I can barely hold myself up.
Do I need a ppl licence for radio September 28th 2016 10:59
Radio 5 live
Do I need a licence to play radio five live in my shop
Do I need a tb jab August 5th 2016 08:46
Do I need a tb jab
do I need a tb jab if ive never had one before.
Do I need umbrella today August 4th 2016 13:15
coat for tomorrow
Do I need a coat tomorrow morning
Do I need utorrent on my computer July 31st 2016 17:52
my nephew downloaded utorrent to watch movies, should I deleet it
Do I need api for ryanair May 6th 2016 16:21
How soon can we register the API? We are flying on 9th June
Do I need my coat March 31st 2016 22:39
weather for watchet
Do I need zd manager February 15th 2016 20:02
i need a music manager
Hi my name is Katrin and I am 12 year old I live in Luton, Bedford and I need a music manager if you would be my manager first I could not pay but I if you would be my manager I would give half money in everything thank you for reading this text please response back in my Facebook called Ketti Farkas
Do I need visual studio February 11th 2016 22:02
who uses visual studio
d I need visual studio
Do I need diapers quiz February 5th 2016 00:13
do i need diapers
Hi i am 27 and still wetting myself should i wear diapers
Do I need citrix on line launcher January 30th 2016 17:59
do i need citrix on line launcher
do i need citrix on line launcher for windows 7
Do I need hp odometer January 27th 2016 16:31
too much hassle
Why? All you are doing, is playing.
Do I need counseling quiz January 20th 2016 00:03
well, do i?
Do I need chewing gum tommorro December 12th 2015 20:21
do i need apack of chewys tommorro
Do I need mcafee if i have windows defender December 1st 2015 18:23
do I neede both?
Is mcaffee needed as well as defender?
Do I need xanax quiz November 30th 2015 09:34
I didn't get to take the quiz yet but ok
Do I need a life November 27th 2015 02:53
do u need a life
look at the good and fix the bad nicely
Do I need more estrogen November 24th 2015 05:26
I feel like a man.
I am an 18 year old woman, I feel like I look very manly. I get hair around my breasts and on my belly. I feel as though I look more manly then more feminine. I hardly have boobs and feel like oestrogen would help?
Do I need braces test November 18th 2015 20:51
1-3 crooked teeth too many gaps and overbite
Do I need uv protection on my glasses November 2nd 2015 13:07
Oh sorry forgot to mention...
You only need to do that if they are sunglasses or they are dimmed glasses which don't let you see as much.
Do I need diapers October 31st 2015 10:43
Help me mommy
I poop myself a lot and I went the bed every night and I want to no half to wory bout dat
Diaper baby
Do I need umbrella tomorrow October 30th 2015 17:08
Will I need a umbrella tomorrow, here in Liverpool?
Do I need dropbox if i have icloud October 24th 2015 05:32
dropbox says I am out of space
I don't want to pay, I have iCloud so why do i need dropbox? how do i make sure everything on my dropbox is moved and also how do i remove dropbox?
Do I need andrea rt filters service October 4th 2015 19:10
Do I need andrea rt filters service
Do I need andrea rt filters service
Do I need adderall quiz September 10th 2015 23:39
Am I totally lazy or could I possibly need help?
Do I need transit visa for klm August 28th 2015 19:33
Do i need a transit visa from london to lagos nigeria with KLM
Do I need origin on my computer June 14th 2015 19:12
Do I nee origin onmy computer?
Do I need sprint connections optimizer June 7th 2015 23:31
Hell no you don't!
If you use an app too many times on wifi only, it will actually PREVENT you from accessing that app via your data connection. Turn it off!
Do I need a nmls license May 14th 2015 20:33
do non-producing managers need NMLS licensing?
does my non producing mortgage sales manager need NMLS liscening?
Do I need mcafee siteadvisor May 12th 2015 07:50
Do I need Mcafee Siteadvisor?
The McAfee Siteadvisor keeps asking permission to open. What is it and do I need it? Is it safe to open?
Do I need kindle if i have ipad March 30th 2015 14:42
Do I need smart tv for chromecast March 2nd 2015 22:05
do i need smart tv for chromecast ?
Do I need smart TV for chrome cast
Do I need transit visa for frankfurt February 18th 2015 00:30
transit visa
I am flying from Minsk to the uk with Lufthansa changing plane in Frankfurt I am Belarus citizen do I need a transit visa
Do I need adobe bridge February 4th 2015 15:40
photo edit products
Can I use adobe camera raw as a stand-alone image editor or do I need photoshop, lightroom etc in addition. What does adobe bridge do. I don't take many photos - do I need it?
Do I need glasses test January 26th 2015 02:40
do i need glasess
I think I need glasses but I'm not sure
Do I need aerial for now tv box December 14th 2014 22:57
Now tv box
Do I need a Ariel for a now tv box, I have wi fi
Do I need roxionow player September 21st 2014 05:04
should I uninstall roxionow player
do I need the roxionow player to use my computer
Do I need zinio reader 4 May 16th 2014 05:29
what is it?
What does it do? Do I need it?
Do I need glasses quiz March 20th 2014 22:30
dont worry
There's loads of websites but dint trust them great they are there but it's all ways best yo get your eyes tested professionally xx BTW wikihow is ok x
Do I need headphones for skype October 5th 2013 14:54
No, you do not need headphones for Skype unless you don't want your family/anybody closeby listening in on your conversations.
Dirk Strider
Do I need blood test to confirm pregnancy July 13th 2013 19:28
no all u have to do is pee in an cup :0
Do I need omega 3 while pregnant July 13th 2013 19:25
probably a good idea =]
Do I need hp documentation March 5th 2013 00:38
no. it is a program that is not important at all.